Quality Edge Customer Testimonials

Quality Edge is one of the best companies in the industry. From top to bottom at QE, I have found individuals that are a pleasure to deal with and do their job with a passion and a detail for excellence. I’d like to have the QE customer service department train some of the other vendors I deal with to show them how it should be done.

-Hans Lyberg, Purchasing Agent, Distributor Partner

Quality Edge Hidden Vent Soffit and trim coil have been a mainstay on my job sites since 2009. Their soffit goes on flat and stays flat, and that means a clean, efficient installation. My customers love it, and it saves me time. It’s as simple as that.

-Builder in Illinois

I have worked with Quality Edge over 20 years. They are a company with pride and a professional conscience in what they make, and their portfolio always has something cutting edge and new. The products are high-performance, and their service has always been excellent.

-Distributor Partner in Michigan

Quality Edge products are of superior quality. The same goes for their customer service! Last year we built a new house, and I researched several products. If you want a product that is maintenance-free and will last forever, Quality Edge should be your choice! Customer service is superb and very friendly!

-Distributor Partner in New York

The underdecking products are far superior to anything on the market. Don’t let the cost startle you – you are paying for true quality that is made to last.

-Builder in Kentucky

I would like to comment on your order desk and Christina Oaks. She always does a superior job in getting orders entered and back to us. It is very unusual for a customer service person to get turnaround times like she does. I am sure Dawn assists her with issues and probably trained her in the customer service area. Both are very good and reflect well upon your company. Through any issues we have had, the service has been superb.

-Distributor Partner in Idaho

Quality Edge is a very diversified company with a wide variety of high-end and high quality products to choose from.

-Distributor Partner in Pennsylvania

The QE paint quality and adhesion to metal is above the rest. After 22 years in the industry, I’ve used the QE products on every level: installer, contractor, builder, and distributor. The material has held up to the QE promise on each level. The product quality, along with the marketing tools available, makes for a strong sales pitch on every level.


Christina Oaks is very helpful. When I have a question or problem, I know that I can call her (or Lee or Cari when Christina is not in) and I will get my problem solved. I appreciate the great service.

-Distributor Partner in Illinois

Quality Edge beats all other aluminum suppliers when it comes to service, shipping, customer service, accuracy of orders, marketing and literature, innovation, product mix and availability, and ease of ordering. And if you’re an end user, their quality and product performance is unrivaled. Everyone talks the talk, but few can back it up as well as Quality Edge!

-Distributor Partner in Minnesota

About a year ago we switched all of our business over to Quality Edge. After a year of persistence by our salesman, we decided to give QE a chance. We have not been disappointed. Not only are the products great quality, but the service is the best in the industry. We had a concern about some packaging and box counts. After calling my sales rep, the next day the plant manager and several other guys showed up at 7:00 a.m. at my shop to investigate. They came prepared with new material boxes and went through my entire inventory of drip edge. I was blown away by their desire to fix any problem I had. QE does an amazing job!

-Distributor Partner in South Carolina

Your customer service people are great! We were given a quote on material that didn’t match our acknowledgement, but your team was understanding and made it right!

-Distributor Partner in Michigan

I find the QE website to be informative and easy to navigate. All information can be accessed with two or three mouse clicks. Well done!

-Distributor Partner in Illinois

My rep is Monty Burcenski, and he is by far my best rep with all the products I sell. Follow-up, pricing, leads – all A+.

-Distributor Partner in Illinois

Quality Edge is known for manufacturing a top-notch product in all their lines by distributors and contractors.

-Distributor Partner in Illinois