InsideOut Underdeck FAQ

Q: How is InsideOut Underdeck system installed?
Click here to watch the install video! 

Q: How do I get pricing information?
A: Directly from us! Please fill out our free estimate or contact form.

Q: Can I purchase in different colors?
A: Insideout Underdeck protection comes in 12 unique finishes. 5 distinct wood finishes and 8 rich matte finishes. Visit the color page for samples!

Q: If I use a deck stain or a water seal treatment on my deck’s boards above, will it damage the ceiling system below?
A: No. These are mild solvent-based products and will not damage or penetrate the ceiling panels. If you ever need to pressure wash it, that’s no problem either. The material is extremely damage resistant.

Q: I have a large deck. How long can the panels run?
A: We can easily accommodate any deck of any size. Even 22-foot spans are not a problem.

Q: Is ice or snow ever a problem for the system?
A: No, we can easily carry a snow or ice load of 20 PSF with attachments over 7 feet apart. Our system is the only one that can stand up to heavy ice and snow loads and is the strongest in the industry.

Q: Do you offer any kind of warranty or performance guaranty?
A: Since we are the manufacturer, we offer a limited LIFETIME performance warranty against any and all material defects as long as your deck is intact. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE INSIDEOUT UNDERDECK WARRANTY

Q: How long with the installation take?
A: Generally most installations take only one day. If the deck is larger, then a second day may be needed to complete the job.

Q: Can the area under the deck be enclosed for a screened porch, or have ceiling fans, lights, swings, hanging plants, etc. attached?
A: Absolutely. All Insideout systems are installed so that they can easily accommodate construction of screened porches, ceiling lights, and fans.

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