Q800 TuffTech™

QE’s TuffTech™ finish is designed to provide the kind of tough finish you need to resist peeling, cracking, chipping or delaminating. Many boast of a lifetime warranty, but in the fine print, some warranties only have a 25 year or less of coverage on important items like fading or chalking.

Like the base alloy of No-Mar Q5000®, each Q800 TuffTech™ coil is made from a high performance titanium stabilized and specially annealed alloy for greater performance in the brake and on the house.

  • Smooth Matte Finish or Embossed Wood Grain
  • HP28 Titanium Enhanced Alloy
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Available in 28 System colors and 126 siding and window colors
  • Specially annealed so you can feel
    the difference

Do not use trim coil over treated lumber.