No-Mar Q5000®

QE was the first to introduce a No-Mar Q5000® type paint system for use in exterior paint systems. Each No-Mar Q5000 coil is made from a high performance titanium stabilized and specially annealed alloy for greater performance in the brake and on the house.

QE’s exclusive No-Mar Q5000 paint finish offers an unmatched scratch resistant surface with better UV protection stain protection than other conventional paint systems.

Do not use trim coil over treated lumber.

The Science behind No-Mar Q5000® Trim Coil

Strength to Weight Ratio

NO-MAR TruCoil has 76% of the strength of carbon steel at 52% of the weight.

Built-in Corrosion Resistance

Resisting atmospheric and chemical corrosion, NO-MAR TruCoil protects itself better with an ultra-thin, super hard, transparent layer of aluminum oxide.

High Tensile Strength

NO-MAR TruCoil boasts a tensile strength of 32,000 PSI.