Quality Edge Porch Ceiling

Classic Look and Feel with the Performance of an Aluminum Substrate.

Quality Edge Porch Ceiling Collection is designed with a reverence for architecture and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Patented: US 6.905.777 B2
Product Details

5 Painted Woodgrain Finishes

The Porch Ceiling Collection features 5 painted woodgrain finishes that exhibit the classic look and feel of real stained wood with the durability and performance of an aluminum substrate.

Product Details
InsideOut Underdeck straight grain karri


InsideOut Underdeck MEDIUM TEAK

Medium Teak

InsideOut Underdeck LIGHT CHERRY

Light Cherry

InsideOut Underdeck dark mahogany

Dark Mahogany

InsideOut Underdeck ROCK-MAPLE

Rock Maple

Looking to Manage Water & Enjoy Your Outdoor Space?

InsideOut Underdeck

InsideOut Underdecking Renovation