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EPA on Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality
The Problem

Not Enough Ventilation

Attic’s need continuous ventilation at the eave edge to draw fresh air in and remove trapped hot, moist and toxic air out through the roof exhaust vents.

The average ridge vent offers an 18 NFA per foot along the peak of the roof. To accomplish a balanced ventilation system the intake must provide an NFA of 9 or greater on each side. Most soffit designs don’t provide enough continuous NFA (Net Free Area of Ventilation) to work with roof exhaust requirements.

Resulting in most homes not being properly ventilated; and roof manufactures won’t provide warranty coverage on homes without proper ventilation.

A poorly ventilated attic can cause;

  • Moisture damage.
  • An environment for mold to develop and thrive.
  • Reduced effectiveness of your insulation.
  • Premature aging of your home’s building materials.
  • Voided roofing material warranties.
  • Building Code violations.
  • Ice dams and ice back-up.
  • Higher energy cost.
  • Poor indoor air quality.
The Solution

Let Your House Breathe

Quality Edge has designed, engineered and patented some of the most attractive and best performing ventilation products in the industry.

With proper ventilation, cool, dry air is drawn in through the soffit and replaces the hot moist air that is created in your attic.

41 Colors Available

Colors are mechanically reproduced and may vary slightly from actual metal. Product shown in TruVent® Hidden Vent

Distinct Profiles

Traditional and Concealed Ventilation Options

TruVent® Hidden Vent

TRUVENT’s® patented Airflow System and slanted wall design keeps ventilation perforations out of sight while optimizing airflow (11 NFA).


TruBead® Concealed Ventilation

TRUBEAD’s® innovative and patented Jet 45 micro-lanced ventilation provides as much or more air (10.2 NFA) than many full vent  systems on the market while concealing most of the visible vents


TruLine® HP 16″ Full Vent

TRULINE’s® deep lance ventilation system provides the maximum in ventilation when used on both sides of a one foot overhang.


TruLine® TS 12″ Center Vent

TRULINE’s® deep lance ventilation system provides the maximum in ventilation when used on both sides of a one foot overhang.


Porch Ceiling

The Porch Ceiling Collection features 5 painted woodgrain finishes that exhibit the classic look and feel of real stained wood with the durability and performance of an aluminum substrate.


Soffit Enhancers

From adding historic detail, to building upon the clean look our Soffits always provide, QE’s collection of functional and beautiful soffit accessories are just what you need.


All Profiles

Soffit Ventilation & Indoor Air Quality

With improved building techniques and modern materials, today’s homes are built tighter than ever, which greatly improves energy efficiency. However, the unintended side effect is that fewer air exchanges take place with outdoor air, resulting in overall poorer indoor air quality. Studies show that indoor air is 2-5 times more contaminated than outdoor air. When you consider that people spend nearly 90% of their time indoors, that is a large opportunity for improving home air quality.

Health problems associated with poor indoor air quality include respiratory ailments, allergies, asthma, certain cancers, and heart disease. Individuals react in different ways to indoor air pollution, depending on age, general health, and other factors. It is also suspected that individuals can develop sensitivity to certain biological or chemical pollutants after repeated exposures.