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Why TruCedar Steel Siding?

Other than the fact it looks amazing.

Stronger than Steel

Each TruCedar Steel Siding profile is enveloped in a G60 zinc coating that provides both a physical barrier and cathodic protection. This prevents moisture and oxygen from reaching the steel core making TruCedar “Stronger Than Steel.”


We chose a carbon reinforced steel alloy because of its ability to shield your home against everything mother nature can throw at it! 


TruCedar Steel Siding’s SunMaster50™ paint system has the ability to reflect solar radiation, which has the potential to save you money on your energy bills. This reflective ability is made possible by infusing our solid and HD woodgrain paint with a PVDF coating which can provide for a cooler sidewall.

10 HD Woodgrains & 13 Solids

From HD Woodgrains to Solid colors, there is sure to be a TruCedar Steel Siding color choice that will work for your project.

Stat Bronze




Weathered Wood


Napa Vine

Cottage Red

Bennington Beige




Cider Mill


English Saddle

Foothill Blue

Gray Dusk


Mountain Laurel




Timber Ash

Timber Ash – Shake Sidewall

Cedar – Shake Sidewall

Weathered Wood – Shake Sidewall

Distinct Styles

Traditional & Contemporary

Shake Sidewall

TruCedar® Shake Sidewall provides the natural beauty of real wood shake without the maintenance. Used as an accent for dormers, peaks, under porches or as a whole-house application.

Board and Batten 6″ & 10″

Board and Batten is derived from the look of alternating wide boards and narrow wooden strips, called battens. TruCedar’s Board and Batten Siding available in wide (10″) and narrow (6″) profiles provides the crisp look of real wood without all the scraping and repainting of the real thing.

Double 4″

Double 4″ gained in popularity with the advent of vinyl siding. TruCedar’s Double 4″ profile is a far healthier, more weather resistant solution for your home! Pair it with brick or any of our other siding profiles to create a unique look for your home.

Single 6″

TruCedar’s traditional Single 6″ horizontal siding profile creates a clean look. Use it as an accent with Board & Batten or as a base to Shake Sidewall to give visual interest to your home.

Single 6″ Dutch Lap

Similar to our single 6” profile but with a simulated notch/bend along the top edge of the panel that produces a distinct look which simulates a hand-cut notch in each “board.” Years ago homeowners wanted more options than just the standard siding available so a craftsman would hand carve the notch along the top of each board.

Single 8″

TruCedar’s Single 8″ siding creates a quieter look on a home. With fewer lines Single 8″ is traditionally used on larger homes or may be used on smaller to mid-sized homes in conjunction with TruCedar’s other siding profiles for visual interest.

Siding Accessories (Steel & Aluminum)

Colors available in a complete line of accessories to round out the perfect look!

Steel Siding AccessoriesAluminum Siding Accessories

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