Quality Edge Metal Valley

Better Roof, Faster Install

Quality Edge valleys effectively channel the rainwater to run off easily, and add strength where it’s needed most – in the center area of the flashing – to provide long term peace of mind. On top of that, our pre-formed metal product provides significant savings in installation time and labor. A better roof and a faster install makes a winning combination.

Why Metal Valleys

Product DetailsIntegra Roof System
The Problem

Compromised Materials

When shingles are bent at a 90° angle the material is compromised, decreasing the lifespan of the valley by 30%. Debris gathers and remains in valleys longer than any section of the roof.

Shingle Valley
The Solution

Metal Valleys

Steel Valleys not only extend the life of your roof but they also properly channel water and debris off your roof. Most high-end asphalt shingles require a steel w-valley to be installed.


Product Details

Tile Valley

Product Details

Double W-Valley

Product Details


18", 20" & 24"


W-valley, Tile valley & Double W-valley


Aluminum, Steel & Copper


Ribs & Locks (with and without)


Q800 TuffTech™, Weather XL or Mill


Aluminum: .019 - Steel: .019, .016 & .013