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Superior products, tools to land the job, and color that just wont quit. Quality Edge has the stuff you need to not only get the job done, but to also get the job WON!

TruCedar Craftsman Select
Quality Edge Contractor Programs

Contractor Programs

Get rewarded for your craftsmanship and add value to your in-home presentation, with programs like; Craftsman Select, Integra Roof Systems, and InsideOut Underdecking

TruCedar Siding Colors

Siding & Trim Colors

With dozens of siding and trim colors, Quality Edge contractors are more likely to land that job by helping the homeowner find a color combination that works.

Installation Video

Installation Documentation

Looking for the details? Here you’ll find installation documentation. We have developed strong tools to make you a master at your craft.

Product Specs

Product Specs, SKUs & Colors

Sometimes you just need the facts. Our product details sectionl offers complete product specifications, dimension as well as Arcat specification.

Quality Edge Support Doucuments


Need to register your warranty or submit a claim? This is the spot to do just that.

Quality Edge Videos

Product Videos

Transform your in-home sales presentation with promotional video or learn to install a specific Quality Edge product.  Promo and install videos are here.


Beautiful product imagery to inspire and close a sale. Quality Edge’s product imagery is top of the line.

Soffit Simulator

Use this interactive tool to help you understand how much intake you would need to correctly vent an attic space.

Siding Simulator

Ever wonder what a blow torch or a weed wacker might do to your siding? You’ll want to see this.