Infinity Drip Edge

The Secret is in the SNAP LOCK Technology

Infinite Overlap Possibilities

The patented design:

• “Nests” pieces together reducing fish mouthing
• Provides a clean overlap with one continuous run
• Reduces Labor – Doesn’t require skilled trades
• Provides Differentiation
• Meets and exceeds IBC & IRC Building Codes

U.S. Patent No. 10,132,085

The Problem

Standard Edge Flashing

Hand notching in the field wastes valuable time on an already error-prone process.
Fish-mouthing occurs when the nose of the standard flashing is pinched or smashed over the other.
Buckling occurs when standard flashing is over nailed and/or there is a significant temperature swing from the time it was installed.
Minimal nailing flange makes it difficult to secure to the roof deck and doesn’t provide adequate water protection.
Infinity Drip Edge Close Up
Top Hem – Added strength and clean lines
Dual Wave Bracing – Directs water away from the home & adds strength to reduce buckling
Snap Lock Technology – Patented dual hook design eliminates unsightly gaps
2.69″ Depth – Exceeds IBC & IRC Code Requirements
Enhanced Face – 1.5″ face design helps to cover up fascia that has color defects or variations
The Solution

Infinity Drip Edge

Snap Lock Technology

How it Works

It’s as easy as 1,2,3

Infinity Drip Edge Installation

Step 1


Infinity Drip Edge Installation

Step 2


Infinity Drip Edge Installation

Step 3


37 Available Colors

System Colors
Infinity Drip Edge Overlap

How big is your overlap?

IBC 1507.2.8.3 & IRC R905.2.8.5 require that:
“drip edge shall be provided at eaves and rake edges of shingle roofs. Adjacent segments of the drip edge shall be lapped not less than 2 inches. The vertical leg of drip edges shall be not less than 1 1/2 inches in width... and shall extend back on the roof not less than 2 inches.”

Best Practices

Perimeter edge flashing or Drip Edge is a crucial element in a homes roof system. It protects the point where the roof deck, fascia and truss intersect by directing water away from the roof edge. Infinity Drip Edge with Snap Lock Technology - A Premium Drip Edge that allows infinite overlap, meets or exceeds building code and has a dual hook system to ensure it “snaps” together.

The patented design provides effortless install and with 2 locking points you can be sure the seams are more consistent and tighter fitting than any other drip edge on the market. It reduces labor and minimizes buckling while simultaneously offering infinite possibilities along the way.

Infinity Drip Edge Cut Edge

A Drip Edge with infinite possibilities.

Roof Edge Flashing

1,900 drip edge possibilities;

68 profiles in over 40 colors

Quality Edge’s full-line of drip edge or perimeter edge flashings provides the visual appeal homeowners are seeking and the performance sophisticated builders and contractors rely upon to protect roofs, exposed edges and other areas exposed to the elements.
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