7 Building Product
Design Trends for 2018

Hear that? It’s the sound of spring – hammers, saws, drills, and construction! More than ever, American homeowners are choosing to feather their nests, and they’re feathering them with the newest building products.

Natural Accents

Around the home, homeowners are incorporating rock gardens, container gardens, and raw wood accents on porch ceilings and patio furniture. Where wood trim or authentic simulated wood trim is used, more home designs are incorporating raw wood colors rather than traditional painted wood.

Textured Home Exteriors

The texture trend has made its way from the inside of the home – with textured wallpapers and treatments – to the outside. Increasingly, exterior home designers are “texturizing” color to create contrasts – sometimes by using the same color in a different finish. Texture can also be created for contrast by using the same color with different materials, such as shake sidewall, board and batten siding, and stonework.

Smart Home Products

Smart home innovations have been trickling into homes for a while. Increasingly, products are specifically developed to be part of the internet of things (IOT). The demand is there: according to a Houzz survey, 20% of homeowners who purchased outdoor lighting last year chose “smart” lighting. With a smartphone or assistant, homeowners can control the home while they’re away – to close the forgotten garage door, or turn the sprinklers on and off. Right now the possibilities are endless, and that’s just for the outside of the home. Which smart functions will homeowners find practical and necessary? In 2018, we should begin to find out.

Bold and Dark Trim

Black metal trim and other dark trim remains a popular option this year. Black continued to be the dominant new color at the NAHB IBS, in products ranging from appliances to hardware, and particularly in windows, doors, and exterior trim.

Customized Garage Doors

Manufacturers are offering a variety of appealing garage door styles and hardware accents. New offerings range from barn door styles to modernist black doors, with new window configurations. As a bonus, these new garage door products tend to be more secure and better insulated than older options.

Coordinated Building Peripherals

In the past, building products like utility sheds and fences often had the appearance of an afterthought. Increasingly, though, homeowners are choosing to incorporate upgraded fences, utility sheds, and water tanks into the overall design of the home’s exterior.

Engineered Products

Building products manufacturers have answered the call for engineered products that look custom or natural, and also have the advantages of durable materials and pre-engineering. Manufacturers now offer beautiful, low maintenance metal doors that look like their solid wood counterparts. Other manufacturers have expanded their line of composite decking materials to simplify deck installation and maintenance. And design strides continue to be made with low maintenance steel siding that offers the durability of metal with the beauty of authentic woodgrain.

The fact is, interest in home design among everyday homeowners is at an all-time high as Americans in all age groups continue to feather their nests.

What does that mean for the industry?

Home builders and remodelers who offer the latest building products and designs will continue to see increased market share.