TruLine® TS

Each TruLine® TS-Series Soffit panel is made from a Titanium Stabilized Aluminum Alloy and is available in five profiles.

12″ Full Vent: 19.6 NFA

12″ Center Vent: 5.9 NFA

16″ Full Vent: 19.1 NFA

16″ Center Vent: 9.9 NFA

The Science behind TruLine®


TruLine TS-Series 12” & 16” Soffit is available in:

  • Two solid profiles, perfect for gables or other non vented areas. (For areas under a deck see QE’s InsideOut® water catching soffit system.)
  • Both of our Center Vented profiles offer the highest NFA rating in their category: 12” Center Vent with an NFA of 5.9, and 16” Center Vent with an NFA of 9.9.
  • Our Fully Vented profile delivers over 644 carefully sculpted intake vents per foot and boasts a 19.6 NFA.