TruLine® HP

Ventilation is what TruLine® HP is all about. When you enhance the ventilation, you enhance everything. With TruLine HP you can reduce the temperature in the attic, prolong the life of your roof and other building materials, reduce energy cost and help improve indoor air quality.

12″ Full Vent: 19.6 NFA

12″ Center Vent: 5.9 NFA

16″ Full Vent: 19.1 NFA

16″ Center Vent: 9.9 NFA

Double 5 Full Vent: 22.5 NFA

Double 6 Full Vent: 21.5 NFA

The Science behind TruLine® HP


  • Comes in 16” and 12” Smooth, Center, Full Vent, Double 5, Double 6 28
  • More profiles, thicknesses, and colors than any other soffit line
  • System colors to give your home a consistent look
  • Maximized Air Flow – Offers more deeper and longer lances per foot
  • Prolongs the life of your shingles & reduces energy costs Thicker paint finish that resists peeling, cracking, chipping or delaminating