Trim Coil

Finish (Beautifully) Strong

Regardless of what you need to match, Quality Edge’s deep and diverse selection of Trim Coil is designed to add the finishing touch to your project while protecting exposed areas from the elements.

Copper Trim Coil

Real copper (not painted) copper in an 18″ width.


QE was the first to develop a coil for covering ACQ treated lumber. QE’s composite trim coil offers a laminated film that provides a layer of protection between the lumber and the coil itself.

TruCedar® Embossed

Stamped to perfectly match our line of TruCedar Steel Siding and Steel Siding Accessories.

No-Mar Q5000® Trim Coil

Each NO-MAR® coil is made from a high performance titanium stabilized and specially annealed alloy for greater performance in the brake and on the house.

TruCoil® PVC

PVC paint systems are the least environmentally friendly of all the paint systems available today. However, in some markets contractors still desire a PVC finish because of the striated texture paint.

Q800 TuffTech™

QE’s TuffTech™ finish is designed to provide the kind of tough finish you need to resist peeling, cracking, chipping or delaminating.

TruLine® Embossed

Our TruLine Embossed Trim Coil is available in aluminum and in two sizes.