Quality Edge Roofing Accessories

The best engineered and highest performing Drip Edge, Fascia, Flashing and more! Quality Edge’s Roofing system is unsurpassed in providing complete protection from the elements and provides confidence in knowing the job was done right the first time.

Drip Edge

Drip Edge or Perimeter Edge Flashing is available in steel and aluminum. Many of our Drip Edge profiles are available in over 40 colors.

Products: T-Style, F8 Style, C-Style, Vented Drip Edge, Crown Drip Edge, Sider’s Edge, Gutter Apron, Asphalt Drip and Gravel Stop.


Pre-Engineered, Pre-Notched and Dual-Hemmed.

Brands: TruLine® and TruCedar®


Quality Edge Flashing is available in many sizes, all of which are available in colors that match the Drip Edge, W-Valley and Gutter Protection.

Products: Angle Flashing, Base/Roof Flashing, Deck Flashing, Dormer Flashing, Porch Flashing, Reglet Flashing, Roll Flashing, Roof to Wall Flashing, Step Flashing (Flat & PreBent) and Z-Flashing.


QE’s W-Valley conducts water away from the shingles and down into the gutters smoother and quicker than any other valley available.

Products: A-Style, Double W-Valley, Tile Valley, W-Valley.