Until recently, snow-belt states were the only ones that required drip edge in their building code. That’s because ice backup caused by melting snow exposed the flashing point – allowing water to penetrate the rafter tails, insulation, fascia and soffits. Because of concerns regarding mold, however, many building code writers in the rest of the country – especially the south – have also adopted the drip edge requirement. 

TruLine® Pre-Engineered Fascia advantages: 240% stronger than trim coil fascia—Eliminates oil canning, Pre Notched—Tighter fitting and better looking joints, Less Waste—Green process, High Performance Aluminum Alloy—Green material, Q800 Paint System—Lifetime warranty, Dual hemmed—Greater rigidity and easier handling and Available in dozens of colors matching QE soffit, drip edge and rainware.

Another area of your roof that’s vulnerable to leakage is the line where the roof and sidewall abut. While not as vulnerable as the valley this area, too, calls for added protection. Step flashing provides a layer of protection between the wall’s siding or brick and the roof’s sheeting – preventing the water from flowing back into the wall where it can cause mold or wood rot. Quality Edge Step Flashing is available in many sizes, all of which are available in colors that match the Drip Edge, W-Valley and Gutter Protection.

For a long-lasting roof, balanced attic ventilation is essential. Continuous ridge vents ventilate your attic from end to end. Cool, dry air that is drawn in at the soffit replaces the hot, moist air that rises to the ridge and leaves through the ridge vents.

Our Trim Coil feels different, out performs the competition and with over 100 colors, matches today’s most popular siding and window colors.

QE’s W-Valley conducts water away from the shingles and down into the gutters smoother and quicker than any other valley available. It is available in high performance, extra strength steel or aluminum and in a range of colors that coordinate with your shingles.

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