Drip Edge Flashing

Quality Edge’s full-line of Drip Edge solutions provides the visual appeal homeowners are seeking and the performance sophisticated builders and contractors rely upon to protect roofs, exposed edges and other areas exposed to the elements.

Asphalt Drip

Our selection of asphalt drip covers a wide variety of material types and sizes to fit virtually all applications and color needs, from the smallest to the largest job.


Designed for second-layer roofing applications, C-Style Drip Edge is installed over the first layer of shingles on the gable ends. It fits easily over existing roofing materials for a professional appearance.

Crown Drip Edge

Designed to imitate the architectural detail of historic homes, Crown Drip Edge adds the perfect touch to the exterior of your new or existing home.

F8 Style

F8 Drip Edge has the same strength and durability as all Quality Edge Drip Edge profiles, but F8 features an extra long nailing flange.

Gravel Stop

Gravel Stop is metal flashing placed at the roof edge to prevent gravel from falling off the roof.

Gutter Apron

A Specialized Drip Edge designed to direct water into the gutter system. Gutter Apron is installed over the roof edge and extends into the gutter.

Sider’s Edge

Siders Edge from Quality Edge provides an easy low-cost way to change the drip edge. Siders Edge fits over the pre-existing drip edge eliminating the work of tearing off old and faded drip edge.


Specially annealed with superior performance and durability, our T-Style drip edge is extremely effective at guiding water away from the roof.