TruLine® Full Vent Soffit

When you enhance soffit ventilation you enhance everything

Ventilation is what TruLine® is all about. When you enhance the ventilation, you enhance everything. With TruLine you can reduce the temperature in the attic, prolong the life of your roof and other building materials, reduce energy cost and help improve indoor air quality.

Improve Your Indoor Air


“Quality Edge Hidden Vent Soffit and trim coils have been a mainstay on my job sites since 2009. Their soffit goes on flat and stays flat and that means a clean, efficient installation. My customers love it and it saves me time. It’s as simple as that.”

-Builder in Illinois

“I have worked with Quality Edge over 20 years and they are a company with pride and a professional conscience in what they make and their portfolio is always got something cutting edge and new. The products are high performance and their service has always been excellent.”

-Distributor Partner in Michigan

“Quality Edge products are superior quality, the same goes for their customer service! Last year we built a new house and I researched several products. If you want a product that is maintenance free and will last forever Quality Edge should be your choice! Customer service is superb and very friendly!”

-Distributor Partner in New York

“The under decking products are far superior to anything on the market. Don’t let the cost startle you, you are paying for true quality that is made to last.”

-Builder in Kentucky
Quality Edge is the leader in shapeable metals

Classic Look and Feel with the Performance of an Aluminum Substrate.

Quality Edge Porch Ceiling Collection is designed with a reverence for architecture and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Patented: US 6.905.777 B2
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Clean, Beautiful, Hidden Vent Soffit

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